Shakyamuni Buddha Statue for Sale

Buy an authentic Shakyamuni Buddha statue for sale hand carved using the traditional lost wax sculpting method. Additionally, the fine details of our Buddhas for sale are enhanced with an authentic fire gilded finish. As a result, a classic fully gold gilded Shakyamuni Buddha statue for sale features a 24k pure gold residual finish. The statue will remain tarnish free indefinitely and inspire all who see it. Furthermore, hand face painting uses real gold for life like details. Indeed, the Tibetan monasteries have procured their Shakyamuni Buddha statues from the Nepali artisans for many centuries. As a result, the buyer can rest assured they have purchased a monastic quality Buddha Shakyamuni sculpture. The Shakyamuni Buddha statue meaning is displayed using the Bhumisparsha mudra and full lotus pose.

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