Shipping Returns

Preliminary Verification

It is highly recommended that you use a 3D-Secure (3DS) registered credit card for all online purchases. If your credit card is not 3DS registered I will need to manually verify the shipping address and last 4 digits of your credit card number. As a result, the order processing will not proceed until this preliminary verification is satisfied.

Additionally, please note that our Nepali statues are all limited edition originals and the statue you purchased will remain listed for sale on our websites until the verification is satisfied. If the security verification is not satisfied within a reasonable period of time your purchase will be cancelled and 100% refunded. Please understand that this is necessary to protect both the merchant and the consumer. Please review our safe secure transaction guarantee here.

Shipping Address and Contact Phone# Liability Disclaimer

At the time of purchase it is the buyer’s sole responsibility to provide us with the correct shipping address and contact phone number. If we are not informed otherwise by the buyer then we will process the order and ship to the billing address. We will not be liable for errors in communication that result from shipping to the billing address listed on the purchase order. If the shipping address is different than the billing address it is the buyer’s 100% responsibility to inform us before the product ships. Additionally, it is imperative that we can provide the delivery company with the buyer’s current phone number. We will not be liable in the scenario where the delivery cannot be completed because the buyer cannot be contacted.

General Shipping

All products come with free international shipping. Generally, orders placed with us will leave our shop within 3-7 business days. After the product leaves the showroom it will take an additional 3-7 business days days to be delivered. Occasionally, due to unforeseen circumstances your order may take longer to process. If this happens we will be sure to contact you and let you know when your item will ship. Although your item may ship out immediately it may take longer before you receive your tracking number. Tracking numbers will be sent to you via email as soon as that information becomes available to us. Generally, we will ship all orders via DHL, FEDEX and also TNT. However, we reserve the right to use any reputable carrier.

***Please note that from time to time we may introduce new products that have free economy international shipping. If so, this will be clearly noted on the product description. Therefore, you should expect a longer delivery time as specified in the product description. However, if you prefer express shipment it can be arranged if you contact me before purchase.***

Damages & Exchanges

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We sell only the finest quality products from reputable artisans, so we rarely have problems with any of our items. But if your item is damaged or defective in some way we will make sure you are taken care of. If you feel your item has a defect, please contact the me as soon as the item is received. Additionally, please carefully review the return scenarios below to see how the issue would be resolved.

Customs, Duties & Taxes

The purchaser assumes total responsibility for customs, duties and taxes in the destination country. Additionally, it is the full responsibility of the purchaser to predetermine the amount of these extra expenses (if applicable). When we fill out the shipping forms we will state the value of the shipment as modestly as possible. Hopefully, this will help to lower the amount of any applicable customs, duties or taxes. If you wish to return a product due to any customs, duties or taxes it will processed according to section 4 or 5 below at our discretion.

Additionally, when your product arrives in your the destination country is will most likely be inspected by customs officials. Although we have never had problems with this, theoretically it is possible for them to damage the item if they are careless. That said, if your Buddha statue, ritual items or Tibetan thangka appears to have a been damaged and there was no trauma evident on the outside of the packaging (indicating damage occurred during shipping), please contact me so I can determine the cause. If we conclude that it was damaged by a careless customs official we cannot accept responsibility for the damages.

Please note that if you have us preform the filling and consecration ceremony in Nepal, the Buddha statue may be opened and inspected by customs officials. If so, they occasionally may not reinsert the materials properly into the statue. Although this is an intrusion it does not nullify the guru’s blessing. However, it may be prudent to have a local qualified guru inspect the statue to make sure the consecration materials were properly reinserted into the statue. We cannot accept responsibility for carelessness of customs officials.


Please note that once the consecration ceremony has been performed, the consecrated item cannot be returned under our returns policy. The reason is that a consecrated item can only be donated and it cannot be resold. Therefore, once the consecration is completed the item cannot be refunded under any of the the returns policy scenarios listed below.


We will gladly accept payment in Bitcoin and the same fiat currency returns policy applies to all Bitcoin purchases. However, in the event that a refund becomes necessary, the refund amount will be made in Bitcoin which is equal to the amount of the fiat currency received from the initial transaction. Therefore, the amount of Bitcoin refunded to the customer’s wallet can fluctuate according to the asking price at the time of the refund. Bitcoin market volatility is completely the responsibility of the customer and we accept no liability for any fluctuations in the Bitcoin asking price at the time of the refund.


Please find your specific situation from the list of scenarios below to learn how we handle that particular situation:

(1) You decided to cancel your order: If the order hasn’t been shipped out yet, we can cancel the order and issue you a refund with no penalty. If you do not cancel the order until after it has already been shipped, your situation will be handled according to situation 4 or 5 below.

(2) You received the product but the product appears different from the product listing photos: Each statue and ritual item is hand crafted and hand painted. Therefore, each item is a high quality original. However, this means that there may be slight variations between recreations. For our main Nepali statues we are able to provide updated photos for each statue recreation. Therefore, if you purchase one of these statues then you can rest assured you will receive the exact statue that was in the product listing. However, our other product listings may have slight variations between recreations and we are unable to update these product photos after each recreation. It is estimated that they will be 90-95% similar to the photo in the product listing. If you must have the exact item with absolutely no variations then please contact me before purchase to clarify. If you do not contact me before purchase then I cannot accept any liability for slight variations that result from item recreation described above. That said, in the unlikely event that you completed the purchase and you are still not satisfied we are willing to work with you to amicably resolve the issue. We will accept returns within 10 days of your item being delivered to you. However, your refund will be minus ALL shipping charges that we incurred. Please note that just because we offer free shipping does not mean that it is actually free in the event of a return. Therefore, the full shipping charges – both ways – will be the responsibility of the buyer. Additionally, the product must be returned in original condition and this will be solely at our discretion. If the item is damaged during the shipping process then we must wait for the shipping claim to be fully resolved. Any amount of damages uncovered by the shipping policy will be the responsibility of the buyer and would also be subtracted from any refunded amount.

(3) You received an item that appears to have been damaged during shipping: If a package appears to have been damaged during shipping, the item is more than likely still okay. If the packaging for your item appears to be damaged, be sure to keep all the original packaging until you’ve determined whether or not a shipping insurance claim needs to be submitted. If any of the original packaging is thrown away, we cannot file a shipping insurance claim. Discarding shipping materials or box contents waives your right to get your product replaced. Before contacting us, please thoroughly inspect the item. If everything seems okay, there is no reason to contact them or file a shipping damage claim. If your product is damaged during shipping and you have kept the original shipping materials, please contact us so that we may work with the manufacturer to submit a shipping insurance claim. Once we have confirmed that you still have the original shipping materials and that the item was damaged during shipping, and after we have officially filed the shipping insurance claim forms then we can make preparations to have your product replaced or returned. For damage or disorder that occurred while the item was inspected by a customs official please see “Customs, Duties & Taxes” directly above.

(4) You’ve received the product but you’ve decided you want to return it: If you receive an item and decide to return it, you can do so if and only if all of the following requirements are met:

a. The item must be unopened, unused, and still in the original packaging.
b. You must contact us to notify us that you’d like to return the item within 10 calendar days of receiving the item.
c. You MUST contact us to get an RMA Number and return instructions PRIOR to returning the item.

If you return an item without all three of the above requirements being met, the item will be refused and come back to you and no refund will be issued. If you meet all three of the above requirements, your refund will be issued in one of the following two manners (which we will discuss with you over the phone):

a. You can receive the full amount you originally paid for the returned item (less our actual cost for shipping and handling) as a store credit, OR
b. You can get a cash refund for the amount you originally paid LESS a 15% restocking fee and our actual cost for shipping and handling.

In either case, you are responsible for return shipping charges to return the product to us.

(5) You refuse the delivery of your order and it comes back to us: If you refuse an item and it comes back to us, you will be issued a refund LESS a 15% restocking fee and our actual cost for shipping and handling. If the item is damaged during the shipping process, no refund will be issued until the shipping insurance claim process is complete. Once the shipping claim process is complete, you will be issued a refund in the amount we are reimbursed by the shipping company (minus the amount the shipping company charges us for the shipment to you and back to us). If the shipping company does not approve the claim, we are unable to provide a refund.