Chod Damaru Drum

Our Chod Damaru drum sets are handmade with quality precision by our skilled artisans in Patan, Nepal. They are specially hand crafted out of Nepali wood, feature a copper ring that is gilded in 24 karat gold and the case is included. The leather is specially treated and stretched to enhance the beat of the drum. These specially crafted Tibetan ritual items will enhance your spiritual awareness and induce the blessings of the Lama, dakini and dharmapala. Additionally, the Chod Damaru will fortify your spiritual core provided that it is played correctly. The rhythmic beat can be played in unison with a group or you can use it for individual practice. Traditionally, the Chod Damaru drum set was crafted out of human skull caps. Although this practice has become obsolete our specially handmade Damaru will enhance the spirit and bring blessings nonetheless. Please enjoy our selection of Chod Damaru drums listed below. 

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