Mandala Set

This representational Tibetan mandala set is used in Tibetan rituals to develop generosity and compassion. Symbolically, the mandala represents the entire universe based on the Buddhist cosmos. During the ritual devotees will offer the entire universe and all its wealth before beginning their meditation practice. The lower bases are built up with rice and the rings are then filled with precious items such as coins and jewels. At the apex is a representation of Mt. Meru which is the center of the Buddhist cosmos. Devotees perform the ritual by raising it over their head while reciting their mandala prayers. Symbolically, they are offering the entire universe in exchange for allowing other sentient beings to achieve enlightenment. Indeed, devotees are encouraged to spend the most they can afford for their Tibetan mandala set. This is because self sacrifice accrues the most merit if it is 100% genuine. Each of our Mandala sets are hand carved and embellished with semi-precious stones and metals.

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