Nepali Buddha Statue for Sale, Handmade in Nepal

Shop now to find an Authentic Nepali Buddha statue for sale handmade in Patan, Nepal. You are invited to join our many satisfied customers around the world who now have the world’s best handcrafted Buddha statue on their own home altar. As a result, you will have the same high quality statue that is found in the Tibetan monasteries.

One of our gold gilded Nepali statues will bring you blessings and infinite inspiration. View the lifelike qualities of the Buddhist deities displayed in front of you. The statues look best in person. A beautiful handmade statue will improve your life and the lives of those around you.

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  1. What is the Best Buddha Statue for Inspiration?
  2. Why are the Best Buddha Statues made in Nepal?
  3. What makes a Nepali Buddha Statue so Authentic?
  4. Are Nepali Statues made with Real 24k Gold?
  5. Can a Buddha Statue have a Custom Design?
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What is the Best Buddha Statue for Inspiration?

Which Buddhist deity inspires you the most? Is it Green Tara, Avalokiteshvara or do you like the fierce Buddhist protector deities? We have the right statue for all levels of Buddhist practitioners.

There are literally hundreds of statues for you to choose from. Spend some time choosing the right deity that is priced right for your budget. 

Indeed, Shakyamuni Buddha statues portray the historical Buddha of our time. This statue is ideal for beginners and experts alike. It could be the perfect Buddha statue, especially if it is your first. Draw inspiration from the original Buddha and bring it into your home.

Advanced practitioners will also appreciate our esoteric statues such as Vajrayogini, Vajravarahi, Mahakala, Hayagriva and Yamantaka.

We have carefully manicured our entire selection of statues over many years and we have the right statue, at the right price created by the right artisan.

Tell me what you need to have and I will find it for you in the most efficient manner at the best possible price.

In addition, do not overlook our selection of hand crafted accessories such as offering bowls, mandalas, singing bowls and much more. Are you looking for a masterpiece thangka painting? We have that too.

The Best Buddha Statue for Sale is from Nepal

An authentic Buddha statue made in Nepal is world renown for craftsmanship quality. This is because each Buddha statue for sale was handmade using the traditional lost wax sculpting method. This technique has been used by the Nepali artisans for many centuries to make real hand carved Nepali Buddha statues.

Our selection of Buddha statues comes directly from these same traditional artisans working throughout the Kathmandu Valley. This is the location where you will find the most authentic Buddha statues. Additionally, each statue comes with free express shipping to locations worldwide! 

What makes Nepali Buddha Statues Authentic?

An authentic Buddha statue is handmade one at a time with real materials by a qualified artisan. Additionally, the statue will be fire gilded with real gold finish. To be clear, authentic statues are not mass produced with reusable moulds and synthetic materials.

First, the sculptor creates a perfect hand carved wax replica of the deity. When the wax replica is finished, the wax is carefully layered with a mixture of special clay minerals.

Afterwards, the clay is allowed to dry which creates a hardened cast around the wax sculpture. The wax is then melted and allowed to drain out through a hole in the bottom of the cast.

After the cast has been completely drained of wax, it is filled with molten copper alloy and allowed to cool for a few days. Afterwards, the cast is carefully cracked and pulled away to reveal an authentic Buddha statue in unfinished form.

After smoothing out any imperfections, the statue is hand polished and the finishing touches are applied.

Authentic 24K Gold Gilded Finish

The two primary types of finish are:

  1. 24k Gold Gilding or
  2. Oxidized Copper (antiquated)

A Buddha statue with a real gold finish can be fully gold gilded or partly gold gilded. Likewise, an antiquated statue can feature a fully antiquated finish and also be partly gold gilded. This combination of antiquated finish with gold gilded trim displays a contrast preferred by some buyers.  

The fire gilding method uses a combination of mercury, 18K gold dust and a torch to apply real gold to the copper surface of the statue. The process begins by mixing the gold dust with a solution of mercury.

This mixture is then applied evenly to the statue and extreme heat is applied using the torch. The application of extreme heat causes the mercury to evaporate which removes impurities in the gold leaving behind a pure 24K gold finish on the statue!

The 24k gold finish will remain tarnish free indefinitely. Additionally, the unmistakable luster of pure gold imbues the statue with life like qualities. The Buddha’s face is then painted with real gold paint. It will inspire all who see it with a sense of genuine peace and tranquility.

Vajrasattva Statue 14 inch, Handmade, Buddha statue for sale
Fully Gold Gilded Vajrasattva Statue, Handmade in Nepal

Custom Made Buddha Statue for Sale (Made to Order)

We can create the Buddha statue of your dreams. Would you like to buy a custom made Buddha statue for sale that was created by one of our best Nepali artisans? This is a very rewarding experience that we can make happen for you.

I will personally coordinate the statue creation process and we will keep you updated throughout with photos and short videos.

This is indeed an excellent alternative option if you would like to have a statue of a certain Buddhist deity created according to your personal preference.

In addition, we are able to make a statue of your personal guru which can be done with their facial characteristics. The artisans can indeed use photos to create a lifelike golden replica.

This is an ideal alternative to buying a statue off the shelf and we are happy to accommodate your request. Contact me for all the details.

Our artisans can create a statue which fits perfectly into your home. Additionally, we can apply the finish that is your preference. All our statues include hand face painting which brings the statue to life. I am able to walk you through the entire process and you can receive your statue within a few weeks.

Buy Nepali Buddha Statue for Sale Online

Your purchase will also include a certificate of authentication provided by the Department of Archaeology in Kathmandu, Nepal. As a result, the buyer can be assured they have procured an authentic Nepali Buddha statue.

Authentic Nepali Buddha statues are highly sought after because they are created using the traditional methods described above. Indeed, the Tibetan monasteries have purchased their statues from Nepal for many centuries.

Our customers can be assured of the same monastic quality sculpture. Additionally, our statues include free express shipping worldwide. Your statue will arrive within 3-7 days and there is no need to travel to Nepal unless you wish to do so.

Buy the Best Nepali Buddha statues direct from Nepal
Edwin Morgan, Managing Director of Go Global Corporation PTE LTD DBA Golden Buddha