Chakrasamvara Statues for Sale

Our Chakrasamvara statues for sale are hand crafted by the artisans of Patan, Nepal using the lost wax method. Therefore, the statues depict Chakrasamvara with consort Vajravarahi in intricate detail. As a result, the sculptors of Nepal have long been the preferred source of the Tibetan monasteries for traditional Tibetan art. Therefore, please rest assured that each Chakrasamvara statue with consort is a monastic quality sculpture. Additionally, the Chakrasamvara root tantra has its origins at the outset of Tibetan Buddhism in the 8-9th century. Indeed, the tantra of Chakrasamvara is very powerful and Tibetan Buddhists believe it is very effective. As such devotees use it to obtain the highest supramundane siddhis such as Nirvana and also the mundane siddhis such as flight. All of our Chakrasamvara statues with consort come with free shipping worldwide and they are on sale now for limited time only.

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