Tibetan Ritual Items

Our diverse selection of Tibetan ritual items was hand crafted in Patan, Nepal. These Nepali sculptors are a well known source of Buddhist objects and symbols for the Tibetan monasteries. Indeed, Nepal has been their source of Tibetan ritual items for many centuries. Devotees who supplement their Buddhist altar from our selection most certainly will receive a monastic quality ritual object. Many of the Tibetan Buddhist rituals will seem very exotic, even to experienced Buddhist practitioners. Nonetheless, this very unique form of Buddhism is based on the same Buddhist virtues taught by the Buddha himself. In fact, they are made to seem even more potent when observing the sensational Tantric rituals. Each Tibetan ritual item carries it’s own special meaning and represents an important Buddhist virtue. As a result, they will enhance your Buddhist practice and supplement your meditation room or Buddhist altar. Additionally, these ritual items fit well within the theme of our high quality Buddha statues. Therefore, I have decided to list them here so you can make due considerations.

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