Shakyamuni Statue with Antiquated Finish, 13.5″, 24K Gold Details, Oxidized Copper, Turquoise Stones

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Statue Identity: Shakyamuni Buddha, Tomba
Product Dimensions: Height: 13.5″, Width: 11.75″, Depth: 8.75″

Production Method: Lost Wax Method, Partly Gilded, Embedded with Stones
Production Materials: Oxidized Copper Alloy, 24k Gold, Turquoise
Shipping Weight: 6000 grams approx.

Our crowned Shakyamuni Buddha statue is depicted wearing the crown and jewels of a bodhisattva. As a result, the gold gilded adornments set off the austerity of the oxidized copper. As an added bonus the crown and jewelry are adorned with special turquoise colored stones. The color turquoise is a special combination of blue and green. Indeed, blue signifies the purity of the Buddhas and green symbolizes their readiness to act. This crowned Shakyamuni Buddha statue wears the adornments very well and they will inspire all those who lay their eyes on your new statue.

Crowned Shakyamuni Buddha Statue Features:

A clear sign that a statue is a depiction of Shakyamuni is the Bhumisparsha “earth touching” mudra. This mudra is depicted with the right hand draped over the right knee. Additionally, the hand is flat with the palm facing inwards and fingers together. Also, the fingers are pointed towards the ground to call the Earth Goddess to witness the vanquishing of Mara. 

Our Shakyamuni Buddha statue is also depicted displaying the Dhyana “meditation” mudra. Additionally, the alms bowl is resting in the palm of his left hand. This bowl signifies the rejection of the material world and it is replaced with virtue. Additionally, the alms bowl is believed to hold the 3 nectars to cure the 3 poisons – ignorance, attachment and hatred. Click here to learn more about Shakyamuni Buddha.

Crowned Shakyamuni Buddha Statue (Oxidized Copper) - Satisfaction Guaranteed

1 review for Shakyamuni Statue with Antiquated Finish, 13.5″, 24K Gold Details, Oxidized Copper, Turquoise Stones

  1. Carroll Izard (verified owner)

    I purchased a smaller 10″ Oxidized Copper Shakyamuni Buddha statue (24k Gold Gilded) from Edwin for my home altar. It is a beautiful, carefully designed work of art. The statue is balanced and graceful, generating a powerful, warm presence. It is a stunning center piece of very high quality. Highly recommended and not easily found elsewhere. Shipment was extremely fast and arrived via DHL (international) within just a few days. Edwin provided updates and communications were excellent. I will be making additional purchases from Buddha Statues Now.
    – Carroll Izard

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