12.5″ Authentic Shakyamuni Buddha Statue, Fine Detail, Fire Gilded 24K Gold Finish, Hand Face Painted

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Statue Identity: Shakyamuni Buddha, Tomba
Product Dimensions: Height: 12.5″, Width: 9.5″, Depth: 6″

Production Method: Lost Wax Method, Fire Gilded, Handmade
Production Materials: Copper Alloy, 24K Gold
Shipping Weight: 5000 grams approx.
Availability: Made to Order

This beautiful Shakyamuni Buddha sculpture was created by the Nepali artisans using the traditional lost wax sculpting method. As a result, the statue has finely hand carved engravings on the robe and pedestal. Additionally, the face was hand painted giving life like expression to the statue. The sculptor used the traditional fire gilding method to apply a pure 24K gold finish to the statue. 

For many centuries the Nepali artisans have been the preferred source for sculpture and ritual items used by the Tibetan monasteries. As a result, when you purchase our Shakyamuni Buddha sculpture rest assured you have procured a monastic quality statue. 

Handmade Shakyamuni Sculpture Mudras

Our Shakyamuni Buddha sculpture is depicting the Bhumisparsha “earth touching” mudra. This is a unique mudra that is mostly exclusive to Shakyamuni Buddha. The Bhumisparsha mudra is depicted with the right hand draped over the right knee with the palm flat and facing inward. Also, the fingers are lightly touching the ground.

Furthermore, his left hand is resting in his lap with the palm facing upwards and there is an alms bowl resting in the palm of his hand. This is known as the Dhyana “meditation” mudra. It is a symbol of meditation and can be depicted with or without the alms bowl. However, the alms bowl symbolically holds the three nectars to eliminate the three poisons – ignorance, greed and hatred. Click here to learn more about Shakyamuni Buddha.

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1 review for 12.5″ Authentic Shakyamuni Buddha Statue, Fine Detail, Fire Gilded 24K Gold Finish, Hand Face Painted

  1. timo.a.rasanen (verified owner)

    The statue is what I expected according to the website and I am very satisfied with it. Delivery to Finland was quick. Edwin responded to my messages almost immediately and helped me to find the statue I was looking for. Altogether, very good service!

    • Edwin

      Dear Timo, thank you for the nice review. Welcome back anytime when you are looking for a new statue or Tibetan Ritual Items. -Edwin

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