Your Customized Nepali Statue is Made to Order

Since the inception of Tibetan Buddhism, a custom made Nepali statue has been the national Heritage of Nepal. Indeed, the special skills of the Nepali artisans are closely guarded secrets protected and passed down through family castes. As a result, our customers will receive a monastic quality statue best suited for the practice of Tibetan Buddhism.

Generally speaking, all Buddhists enjoy working with the Nepali sculptors. This is because of their flexibility and willingness to listen.

The Benefits of a Custom Made Nepali Statue

Our most recent custom order was created for a Tibetan Buddhist meditation center in California USA. They are excellent customers of ours who have purchased many statues. However, their school of Tibetan Buddhism is complex. On some occasions, their statues have different requirements.

The flexibility of our artisans allows for a custom design solution. If a customer requested certain features such as removable objects, adjustable hat or special painting – we can do it.

Additionally, a custom made Nepali statue will only take 2-3 weeks to complete. This includes gold gilding and face painting. Plus, I will also keep the customer updated with photos until completion.

Indeed, this recent customer was delighted with their purchase. Here is the review which they left on the product listing page.

“Was deeply touched by the artisan’s work and kindness. Thank you. Absolutely beautiful!! Packed well and arrived quickly. Excellent communication from seller and attention to detail. Highly recommend.” – Tibetan Meditation Center CA USA

Custom Made Dorje Shugden Statue
10″ Custom Nepali Dorje Shugden Statue, Fully Gold Gilded in 24K Gold, Hand Face Painted.

Traditional Lost Wax Sculpting Method

Our Nepali artisans use the traditional lost wax sculpting method to create sculpture. Since the wax mould can only be used one time, the statue is a one of a kind original. As a result, your statue is like no other – 100% hand carved in fine detail.

It is indeed a distinct advantage over statues created with reusable moulds. Additionally, the wax replica enables custom adjustments during the creation process. Your input during the design implementation will allow you to choose your statue instead of your statue choosing you.

Customers can also design the face painting and gold gilding. Furthermore, the Nepali artisans use the fire gilding process which leaves a pure 24K gold residual finish. The deity will have a golden lifelike luster which is only possible with pure gold. 

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