Hevajra Statue with Shakti for Sale

Our Nepali Hevajra statue for sale is locked in sensual embrace with his consort Nairatmya while also dancing on the four maras. The statue features his 16 arms, eight faces and four legs. Hevajra and his consort are also adorned in bone ornaments and wear a garland of skulls. Additionally, they are surrounded by the flames of wisdom which consume all neurotic states of mind. 

Each aspect of the statue is hand carved in fine detail using traditional methods. As a result, the statue is a one of kind original exhibiting monastic quality workmanship.

Indeed, the Nepali artisans have long been the preferred source of the Tibetan monasteries for all statues and ritual items. Therefore, the buyer can rest assured they have procured a monastic quality Hevajra statue.

Hevajra with Shakti Statue Features

  1. Wisdom Fire
  2. Nairatmya
  3. Four Legs
  4. Sixteen Arms
  5. Sixteen Skull Cups
  6. Kartika Flaying Knife
  7. Eight Faces
  8. Four Maras
  9. Lotus Pedestal

The Meaning of the Four Maras

The four maras are the four obstacles to enlightenment. They are known as Skandhamara, Kleshmara, Devaputramara and Mrityumara. As a result, each corpse is positioned under the feet of Hevajra and his consort Nairatmya. Therefore, the statue symbolizes their destruction and the obtainment of supreme bliss.

The four obstacles to enlightenment embodied by the four maras include:

  1. Aggregated constituent elements of worldly existence (Skandhamara).
  2. Egotistic entanglements (Kleshmara).
  3. Rebirth in the form of gods (Devaputramara).
  4. Death as destroyer (Mrityumara).
Hevajra Statue with Nairatmya
10″ Hevajra Statue for sale with Shakti, Fully Gold Gilded

Traditional Hevajra Statue Handmade in Nepal

Lost wax sculpture is a traditional art form practiced in Nepal since the 10th century. As a result, they have perfected lost wax sculpting and it has become the national heritage.

Perfection in sculpture is obtained by creating an intricate wax replica of the deity which is then carefully encased with special clay minerals. Afterwards it is heated and the wax is drained from the mould.

Next it is filled with melted copper alloy and allowed to cool inside the encasement for several days. The mould is broken and the statue is revealed, all defects are then smoothed over and the copper is polished. 

The final steps are gold gilding and hand face painting. As a result, this Hevajra statue for sale features a 24K pure gold finish that was applied using the fire gilding method. Additionally, each of his eight faces was hand painted using real gold.

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