Vajrayogini Statue for Sale in Naro Kacho Form

Our Naro Kacho Vajrayogini statue for sale was handmade in Nepal using the traditional lost wax sculpting method. Therefore, our customers can feel confident with their purchase because it is a monastic quality statue. Indeed, the statue features are depicted in fine detail and pose. It will inspire anyone who sees it.

For many centuries, the Nepali artisans have been the preferred source of the Tibetan monasteries for Vajrayogini Buddha statues. Indeed, over many centuries the lost wax sculpting method has been perfected. As a result, the Nepali artisans are still the only source of the world’s best, truly authentic Vajrayogini statues.

Furthermore, the statues are gold gilded using the fire gilding method. Therefore, the pure 24k gold finish protects the statues from tarnish and also gives life to the statue. Additionally, her facial features are hand painted using real gold paint.

Our Vajrayogini statues project a potent real life sensual quality. However, her sensual appearance is offset by fearlessness. These aspects will appeal to the most discerning practitioners. 

Iconography of Naro Kacho Vajrayogini Statue for Sale

The sculptor adhered to the traditional iconography that was taught by the Indian mahasiddha Naropa. Indeed, this beautiful form of a young voluptuous female is depicted standing within a ring of wisdom fire holding the kapala skull cup in her left hand.

Additionally, she holds her right arm straight down with the kartika flaying knife near her right thigh. Vajrayogini is looking skyward into the land of the Dakinis. Her mouth is both that of smiling 16 year old girl but it also shows her fangs. As a result, she is both frightening and projects irresistible worldly beauty.  

For true believers, Vajrayogini is the right deity to obtain liberation from all earthly desires. Additionally, for the modern practitioner her worldly beauty is a motivating factor and can used as effective reverse psychology.

Can you obtain full enlightenment in a single lifetime? Many practitioners believe it is possible. The statue will indeed be most effective for your tantric practice. However, it is also a beautiful, very meaningful form of Tibetan Buddhist art.

At the request of the buyer we can embellish the crown and jewelry with turquoise and red coral stones before delivery. There is no additional cost.

List of Vajrayogini Statue Features

  1. Ring of Wisdom – Consumes all neurotic mental states.
  2. Skull Crown – The five skulls represent the transmutation of the five poisons into the five transcendental wisdoms. Her crown also represents the death of the five skandhas and the realization of emptiness.
  3. Heruka Chakrasamvara (khatvanga) – Chakrasamvara the male consort of Vajrayogini is symbolized by the khatvanga staff and they are eternally joined.
  4. Impaled Three Buddha Heads – Three heads impaled on the tip of the khatvanga represent the three kayas (bodies) symbolizing desire, form and formlessness.
  5. Kapala Skull Cup – The libation vessel of Vajrayogini is filled with blood and human brain matter that symbolizes her disdain for impermanent, unsatisfactory and selfless existence. 
  6. Kartika Flaying knife – Her flaying knife is used to cut the bonds of attachment from worldly existence.
  7. Two Deity Figures Underfoot – Under her left foot is principle worldly god Bhairawa and under her right foot is the principle worldly goddess Red Kalarati.
  8. Necklace of Fifty dried Human Skulls – The skull necklace represents the letters of the Sanskrit alphabet and purification of speech.
  9. Lotus Pedestal – The lotus symbolizes the purity of enlightenment, Vajrayogini stands on a lotus pedestal as an accomplished Buddha who has transcended the mundane world.
  10. Bone Ornaments – The bones project her individualistic outlook and familiarity with the charnel grounds.
  11. Third Eye of Wisdom – Vajrayogini is an enlightened being and she can discern the reality of transcendental wisdom from the fiction of worldly wisdom. 
  12. Damaru and Bell – The sounds of the damaru drum and bell symbolize method and wisdom.
  13. Unfettered Long Red Hair – Her loose, long red hair symbolize her freedom from conventional, worldly and social norms.
  14. Fierce, Sensual Facial Expression – Vajrayogini is fearless, defeating worldly passion by any means necessary. Vajrayogini’s appearance helps practitioners struggling to overcome sensual attachment.  

Featured Vajrayogini Statue for Sale

Naro Kacho Vajrayogini statue for sale now
19.5″ Naro Kacho Vajrayogini Statue for sale, Fully Gold Gilded in 24K Gold, Free Shipping Worldwide.

Vajrayogini Description and Meaning

Vajrayogini in Naro Kacho form is embodied as a stunningly beautiful 16 year old female with full breasts and voluptuous body. Additionally, she is fully naked standing in a provocative posture. Her red hair is also unfettered and she expresses disdain for all conventional norms.

However, this beautiful body is covered with skulls and bone fragments expressing the impermanence of worldly beauty. Indeed, the contrast of macabre human accoutrements with youthful female beauty is an outstanding aspect of Naro Kacho Vajrayogini.   

As a result, Vajrayogini practice is most effective for eliminating the negative energy of desire. She is a representation of complete Buddhahood in female form in permanent union with her consort Chakrasamvara.

The Naro Kacho form of Vajrayogini was first visualized by the Indian mahasiddha Naropa. Afterwards it was taught by Naropa and accepted into the Sakya school of Tibetan Buddhism. Eventually it would be accepted by the Gelug school and Naro Kacho Vajrayogini is still widely accepted by today’s practitioners.