Dorje Shugden Statues for Sale, Dorje Shugden Statue Meaning

The most effective Dorje Shugden practice requires a high quality Dorje Shugden statue made to the proper specifications. Additionally, there are several levels of aesthetic statue quality for practitioners to choose from.

Ideally, choose the statue that fits best within your budget limitations. Indeed, you should not be afraid to spend a little extra in order to benefit your practice.

Higher priced statues also offer a higher level of authenticity. Statues with a real 24k gold finish help protect the statue from tarnish to maintain its life like luster. Additionally, hand face painting using real gold paint, giving life to the deity.

Your statue’s facial expression is important. As a result, the real character of Dorje Shugden is captured by all who see it. Therefore, it provides an additional level of protection in your home or meditation center.

List of Dorje Shugden Features

  1. Ring of Wisdom Fire – The protector deity is surrounded by a ring of fire which consumes all neurotic mental states. 
  2. Golden Domed Hat – Similar to traveling Tibetan Lamas, Dorje Shugden wears the hat for protection from the elements. However, the hat also symbolizes his swiftness, mobility and dedication to practitioners. 
  3. Curved Sword of Wisdom – The sword of wisdom symbolizes the annihilation of ignorance. However, Dorje Shugden holds a curved sword which enhances its lethality.  
  4. Third Eye of Wisdom – Dorje Shugden can perceive the ultimate truth of transcendental wisdom. Additionally, his three eyes can see into the past, present and future.   
  5. Taming Hook – At rest in the crook of his left arm is his taming hook which subdues all negativity and obstacles to spiritual realization.
  6. Heart Jewel – The bleeding heart is a symbol of the practitioner’s enemy – ignorance. Dorje Shugden practice rips out the heart of ignorance.
  7. Jewel Spitting Mongoose – Is a traditional symbol for great wealth. It symbolizes that Dorje Shugden will provide his devotees with all their worldly and spiritual needs.  
  8. Monk Robes – In his past lives as Drakpa Gyaltsen, Panchen Sonam Drakpa and Tulku Draka Gyaltsen among others, Dorje Shugden served as a fully ordained monk. As a result, he wears three types of monk robes symbolizing the importance of the Sangha. Additionally, he protects those who uphold their Dharma vows.
  9. Snow Lion – The snow lion is a mythical beast which symbolizes the wild nature of the mind and also the fearlessness of Dorje Shugden. Fearlessness is obtained in our practice when we are liberated from the three psychic poisons – ignorance, attachment and hatred.
  10. The Enemy – A human body is often depicted being trampled under the snow lion. The trampled body represents the elimination of the “enemy” ignorance by the realization of emptiness. 

The Meaning of Lord Duldzin

As taught by the Buddha, the five aggregates or skandhas are how sentient beings perceive worldly existence. These five aggregates are consciousness, form, perception, feeling and the mental formations.

As a result of negative karma, our aggregates are impure which results in ignorance ~ resulting in ignorant actions ~ which creates more negative karma. It is this cyclical existence which keeps us trapped in Samsara.

By purifying our negative karma it is possible to break the cycle of existence and reach Nirvana. Therefore, it is the impurities in our five aggregates which must be eliminated.

This is an extremely difficult task to accomplish when working alone. However, the assistance of a Dharma protector such as Lord Duldzin Dorje Shugden can be very effective.  

There are five types of Dorje Shugden statues and each represent one of five aggregates. The term Dorje Shugden “Rig Nga” refers to these five Dorje Shugden types.

Tsem Rinpoche

Our Lord Duldzin Dorje Shugden statue for sale is an emanation of the aggregate of consciousness. It is the most popular and commonly used variation of Dorje Shugden. As a result, the buyer of the statue can make the purification of consciousness the primary focus.

Traditionally Handmade Dorje Shugden Statue

Our Dorje Shugden statue for sale was handmade in Patan, Nepal using the lost wax sculpting method. Therefore, the buyer can rest assured they have purchased a monastic quality sculpture.

Indeed, the Nepali artisans have long been the preferred source of the Tibetan monasteries for all their Buddha statues. Additionally, this Dorje Shugden statue is fire gilded in 24K gold and will remain tarnish free indefinitely.

To many Tibetan Buddhists, Dorje Shugden is a very powerful Dharma protector. For best practice it is important to have a high quality Buddha statue on your altar. Handmade Nepali statues have long been considered the highest quality. 

The best statue will also include the most important aspects of the deity. It will make an important contribution to your altar and inspire all who see it.