Oxidized Copper 13.5" Guru Rinpoche Statue Handmade - Front
Oxidized Copper 13.5" Guru Rinpoche Statue Handmade - Front Oxidized Copper 13.5" Guru Rinpoche Statue Handmade - Right Oxidized Copper 13.5" Guru Rinpoche Statue Handmade - Left Oxidized Copper 13.5" Guru Rinpoche Statue Handmade - Back

Oxidized Copper 13.5″ Guru Rinpoche Statue Handmade

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Statue Identity: Guru Rinpoche, Padmasambhava
Product Dimensions: Width: 8.5″, Depth: 7.5″,  Height: 14.5″ (w/khatvanga) 13.5″ (w/o khatvanga)

Production Method: Lost Wax Method, Antiquated
Materials Used: Oxidized Copper Alloy
Shipping Weight: Approx. 4500 grams

Our Guru Rinpoche statue depiction is of the founder of Tibetan Buddhism. At the request of Santaraksita, Guru Rinpoche came to Tibet to help construct the first Tibetan monastery. However, it was not technical skills which were needed. There were mysterious spirits that haunted the project and were impeding its construction. As a result of Guru Rinpoche’s effective methods, the spirits were quieted and the monastery was completed. Thereafter, Guru Rinpoche’s tantric teachings intrigued the Tibetan King and he was asked to introduce Tantric Buddhism as Tibet’s national religion. 

Also know as Padmasambhava, Guru Rinpoche comes from the sacred land of Oddiyana. This land is both real and mythical similar to the ways of Guru Rinpoche. Our Guru Rinpoche statue is a great inspiration for devotees to help them attain spiritual realization. Indeed, he is the original tantric master and is renown throughout all countries that practice Tibetan Buddhism.

Guru Rinpoche Statue Features:

The left hand of our Guru Rinpoche statue is in Dhyana mudra and holds the vase of immortality on his lap. Additionally, the immortality vase sits inside the sacred skull cup called the kapala. Inside the vase is the deathless nectar of wisdom. In his right hand he holds the vajra symbol which symbolizes the masculine attribute of compassion. The vajra also has two meanings in Sanskrit – diamond and thunderbolt. Additionally, Guru Rinpoche is holding his sacred khatvanga which represents his consort – Mandarava – the realization of emptiness. Furthermore, his khatvanga has 3 severed heads impaled on the tip. These three heads represent the vanquishment of desire, form and formlessness.

This classic depiction, shows his eyes burning with pristine awareness. Additionally, the crown of his cap is crested with the vulture feather which shows his realization of the highest view. Furthermore, this Guru Rinpoche statue comes with a removable khatvanga which can be adjusted to your preference. Additionally, the statue is decorated with colored stones.

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