Multicolored 19.25" Guru Rinpoche Statue (24k Gold Gilded) - Front
Multicolored 19.25" Guru Rinpoche Statue (24k Gold Gilded) - Front Multicolored 19.25" Guru Rinpoche Statue (24k Gold Gilded) - Right Multicolored 19.25" Guru Rinpoche Statue (24k Gold Gilded) - Left Multicolored 19.25" Guru Rinpoche Statue (24k Gold Gilded) - Back

19.25″ Multicolored Guru Rinpoche Statue, Hand Painted, 24k Gold Detailing

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Statue Identity: Guru Rinpoche, Padmasambhava
Product Dimensions: Height: 19.25″ Width: 13.5″ Depth: 10″

Production Method: Lost Wax Method, Hand Painted, Gold Detailing
Materials Used: Copper Alloy, 24k Gold
Shipping Weight: Approx. 12000 gram

Our multicolored Guru Rinpoche Statue features the founder of Tibetan Buddhism. Guru Rinpoche was an Indian Buddhist master who traveled to Tibet in the 8th Century. He is also known as Padmasambhava which is Sanskrit for “lotus born”. Although there is a historical record of Padmasambhava, not much is known of him. His most significant historical attribute was that he helped to construct Tibet’s first Buddhist monastery at Samye.

Although there are few historical facts behind our Guru Rinpoche statue, there is a rich spiritual history that has grown legendary over the centuries. Part of this rich history includes the story of his birth.

The divine birth of Padmasambhava occurred when he appeared inside a lotus blossom as an eight year old child. Hence his name “lotus born”. The child was discovered by a king who asked him to identify his father, mother and caste. Padmasambhava proudly explained to the king that he was of divine origin when he stated:

My father is the self arisen Samantabhadra and my mother is the sphere of reality Samantabhadri. My caste is the union of primordial reality and the dhammadhatu (Realm of Phenomenon) and my name is the glorious Samantabhadra.”

Multicolored Guru Rinpoche Statue Features

This hand painted Guru Rinpoche statue features his divine attribute called the khatvanga which is leaning against his left shoulder. Additionally, the khatvanga has the 3 severed heads of the 3 kayas desire, form and formlessness. They are impaled on the khatvanga and it is capped with a trident. Also, he wears the blue robe of a mantra practitioner and his hat features the 5 petals of the lotus flower. Additionally, the statue is hand painted and gilded with 24k gold.

Our multicolored Guru Rinpoche statue was crafted by the master artisans in Patan, Nepal. These master craftsmen have been the preferred source of statues for the Tibetan monasteries for many centuries. All our Guru Rinpoche statues produced in Patan were hand crafted using the lost wax sculpting method. As a result, it displays the fine details of a world class statue.

Multicolored 19.25" Guru Rinpoche Statue - Satisfaction guaranteed

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