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Oxidized Copper 8″ Amitayus Statue, Handmade Long Life Deity Sculpture

Original price was: $599.00.Current price is: $379.00.

Statue Identity: Amitayus, Aparmita, Tsepame
Product Dimensions: Height: 8″, Width: 6″, Depth: 4″

Production Method: Lost Wax Method, Antiquated
Production Materials: Oxidized Copper Alloy
Shipping Weight: 3000 grams approx.

Our Amitayus statue sits in the full lotus position depicting the Dhyana “meditation” mudra. In the palm of his right hand, the longevity vessel rests filled with the nectar of long life – amrita. Indeed, Amitayus is one of the three Tibetan long life deities and he is central to longevity rituals. 

Furthermore, this Amitayus statue has been given an antiquated finish using an oxidized copper alloy. The deity sits in full lotus pose on a single lotus pedestal. The Nepali sculptor dressed the statue in the crown and jewels of a bodhisattva. We are happy to adorn the crown and jewels with turquoise and coral stones at no extra charge – upon the request of the buyer. Amitayus will wear the adornments well and enhance the statue features.

Origin of our Amitayus Statue

The origin of all Amitayus statues is Amitabha Buddha, in fact they can be considered one in the same. The venerable Amitabha began his journey into Buddhism as a prince who renounced his kingdom to pursue life as an ascetic. As a result, he had a similar experience to Shakyamuni Buddha who also renounced his kingdom for the same reason. Amitabha then became the bodhisattva Dharmakara who accumulated infinite merit during his countless bodhisattva lifetimes. In fact, the name Amitabha actually means “infinite light”. Click here to learn more about the origin of our Amitayus statue.

8" Amitayus Statue - Satisfaction Guaranteed

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