Gold Gilded 15" Dancing Red Tara Statue (Kurukulla) - Front
Gold Gilded 15" Dancing Red Tara Statue (Kurukulla) - Front Gold Gilded 15" Dancing Red Tara Statue (Kurukulla) - Right Gold Gilded 15" Dancing Red Tara Statue (Kurukulla) - Left Gold Gilded 15" Dancing Red Tara Statue (Kurukulla) - Back w/o Frame Gold Gilded 15" Dancing Red Tara Statue (Kurukulla) - Back

Gold Gilded 15″ Dancing Red Tara Statue (Kurukulla)

Original price was: $2,159.08.Current price is: $1,463.13.

Statue Identity: Dancing Red Tara (Kurukulla)
Product Dimensions: Height: 15″ w/frame 13.5″ w/o frame, Width: 10″, Depth: 5.5″

Production Method: Lost Wax Method, Face Hand Painted, Partly Gilded
Production Materials: Copper Alloy, 24K Gold
Shipping Weight: 4000 grams approx.

The Bodhisattva Tara has 21 known emanations which are different variations of the same deity. However, our Dancing Red Tara statue is very unique. Although she is associated with Tara, she originated in the land of Uddiyana – “the land of the Dakinis”. She is also known as Kurukulla and she is a deity of enchantment. Indeed, devotees use her to try and further their own means through spells and divine persuasions. However, the price for her services is not money, instead she demands gratuitous recitation of her mantra. If payment is made to her satisfaction, you can have a former lover, government minister or even a King in your service.

Dancing Red Tara Statue (Kurukulla)

Dancing Red Tara has a perplexing appearance that is a mixture of a beautiful female figure and a wrathful deity. However, as with all wrathful Buddhist deities their fearsome appearance stands on the foundation of wisdom and compassion.

The fearsome features referenced above are displayed by the tiger skin robe worn around the waist. Additionally, she is depicted with 4 arms, 2 of which are drawing back a flower bow and arrow. In her other two hands she wields a goad over her right shoulder and holds a flower noose in her lower left hand. The five skulls adorning her crown represent the five aggregates material form, perception, feeling, mental formations and consciousness. They have been reduced to skulls to portray her mastery over nama (name, mentality) rupa (body, physical form) which are the core of all defilements that result in unwholesome karma. Additionally, our Dancing Red Tara statue has three eyes on her face and forehead displaying her knowledge of the past, present and the future.

Our Dancing Red Tara statues were hand crafted using the lost wax method by our artisans in Patan, Nepal. As a result, they are hand sculpted to perfection and also hand painted. Therefore, when you purchase this Dancing Red Tara statue rest assured that you have acquired an original limited edition statue of world class quality.

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