Gold Gilded 16" Vajravarahi Statue (Wrathful Vajrayogini) - Front
Gold Gilded 16" Vajravarahi Statue (Wrathful Vajrayogini) - Front Gold Gilded 16" Vajravarahi Statue (Wrathful Vajrayogini) - Right Gold Gilded 16" Vajravarahi Statue (Wrathful Vajrayogini) - Left Gold Gilded 16" Vajravarahi Statue (Wrathful Vajrayogini) - Back w/o Frame Gold Gilded 16" Vajravarahi Statue (Wrathful Vajrayogini) - Back

Gold Gilded 16″ Vajravarahi Statue (Wrathful Vajrayogini)


Statue Identity: Vajravarahi (Wrathful Vajrayogini)
Product Dimensions: Height: 17.75″ w/khatvanga, Height 16″ w/frame Height 13.5″ w/o frame, Width: 10.5″, Depth: 5.5″

Production Method: Lost Wax Method, Hand Face Painted, Partly Gilded
Production Materials: Copper Alloy, 24K Gold
Shipping Weight: 5000 grams approx.

Our Vajravarahi statue is a wrathful incarnation of Vajrayogini. This embodiment is one of the most popular figures in all of Tibetan Buddhism. Indeed, she is a wrathful deity and therefore has a fearsome appearance. As a result, her appearance will pacify all of your negativity and prevent interference with spiritual realization.

Most importantly, our Vajravarahi statue wields the special power of the Dharma that will destroy ignorance. This special destructive power is displayed by the pig’s head that is protruding from her hair. Since the beginning of Buddhism, ignorance is portrayed by the image of a pig. Ignorance is one of the three poisons along with attachment and aversion. Therefore, it’s annihilation is paramount to becoming enlightened. Indeed it is the root cause of all of the most insidious defilements.

Vajravarahi is depicted with wrathful features although her power is grounded in the wisdom and compassion of the Buddhas. Tibetan Buddhists believe that she the embodiment of complete Buddhahood in female form.

Vajravarahi Statue Features

In her right hand she wields the flaying knife and in her left hand she holds the kapala (skull cup) filled with blood. Additionally, she wears the skin of a tiger around her waist and wears a crown adorned with skulls. The skulls represent the subjugation of the 5 aggregates of grasping that lead to craving. Additionally, the five skulls represent the 5 poisons of greed, anger, ignorance, pride and jealousy. These 5 poisons have been transformed into the 5 nectars of wisdom.

This Vajravarahi statue stands within the flames of pristine awareness and she dances in Dakini style on a human corpse (negativity). Additionally, she rests the khatvanga against her left shoulder. On the top of the khatvanga skulls representing the 3 kayas (bodies) are impaled.

This wrathful Vajravarahi statue was created by the world class artisans of Patan, Nepal. Therefore, when you purchase this statue you can rest assured you have acquired a statue of the highest quality.

your satisfaction guaranteed

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