Fully Gold Gilded 10.5" Crowned Medicine Buddha Statue - Gallery
Fully Gold Gilded 10.5" Crowned Medicine Buddha Statue - Gallery Fully Gold Gilded 10.5" Crowned Medicine Buddha Statue - Back Fully Gold Gilded 10.5" Crowned Medicine Buddha Statue - Left Fully Gold Gilded 10.5" Crowned Medicine Buddha Statue - Right

Gold Gilded 10.5″ Crowned Medicine Buddha Statue for Sale, Antiquated, Fire Gilded 24K Gold

Original price was: $1,499.00.Current price is: $1,159.00.

Statue Identity: Medicine Buddha, Bhaisajyaguru, Sangye Menla
Product Dimensions: Height: 10.5″, Width: 7″, Depth: 4.25″

Production Method: Lost Wax Method, Fully Gilded, Low Luster
Production Materials: Copper Alloy, 24k Gold
Shipping Weight: 3500 grams approx.

Our master artisan created our beautiful crowned Medicine Buddha with the jewelry and crown of a bodhisattva. At the request of the buyer, we would be happy to adorn the crown and jewels of the statue with lapis lazuli, turquoise or red stones – at no extra charge. The color lapis lazuli is a special deep blue color. Indeed, lapis lazuli signifies the purity of Medicine Buddha and the allure of his Pure Land.

The Prominence of Crowned Medicine Buddha

Our crowned Medicine Buddha is widely believed to represent the healing attribute of Shakyamuni Buddha. Additionally, in Far East Mahayana Buddhist beliefs he is one of the three prominent Buddhas alongside of Amitabha and Shakyamuni Buddha. Also, Medicine Buddha is known as the “King of the Medicine Master and the Lapis Lazuli (deep blue) Light”. 

The 12 vows of the Medicine Buddha are found in the Medicine Buddha Sutra.

To enable anyone to become a Buddha just like him by illuminating countless realms with his radiance.
To awaken the minds of sentient beings with his deep blue light “Lapis Lazuli”.
To provide the required material needs of all sentient beings.
To inspire sentient beings towards the path of bodhisattva and correct heretical views.
To assist sentient beings to keep the moral precepts even if they have previously struggled to do so.
To heal all beings born with deformities, physical suffering and illness.
To help relieve the destitute and the sick.
Assist women who desire rebirth as males to achieve their desired rebirth.
To help heal mental afflictions and delusions.
To help the oppressed be free from suffering.
To relieve those who suffer from terrible hunger and thirst.
To help clothe those who are destitute and suffering from mosquitoes.

Symbolic Healing of Crowned Medicine Buddha

Our venerable Medicine Buddha statue is depicted holding a small bowl of medicinal herbs or nuts in the palm of his left hand which is resting on his lap. Additionally, he is seated in full lotus pose with his right hand draped over his right knee with palm facing outwards. The open gesture is the “charity” or sharing mudra, which indicates that Medicine Buddha is sharing the knowledge of medicine with mankind.

Also, between the thumb and index finger of the right hand Medicine Buddha is holding the stem of the myrobalan flower. This flower comes from a medicinal plant which is still found in Nepal and India. The myrobalan is also known as the “purple leaf plum”. Click here to learn more about the Medicine Buddha.


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