Masterpiece Amitabha Thangka Painting, 24k Gold Detail, 34.25" x 25" (Custom Order) - Gallery

Masterpiece Amitabha Thangka Painting, 24k Gold Detail, 34.25″ x 25″ (Custom Order)

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Product Identity: Amitabha Buddha, Amida, Amitayus
Special Features: Masterpiece, Hand Painted, 24k Gold Detailing
Product Dimensions: Height: (w/border) 34.25″ Width: (w/border) 25″, Height: (w/o border) 29.75″ Width: (w/o border) 21″

Production Material: Cotton Canvas, Paint, 24k Gold Detail
Shipping Weight: 500 grams

This Masterpiece Amitabha Thangka painting portrays Amitabha Buddha. While formerly known as a Bodhisattva named Dharmakara, he accumulated an infinite amount of merit. After he obtained Buddhahood, he became known as the “Buddha of Infinite Light”. Amitabha had vowed to obtain his own pure land before becoming a Buddha and he spent many thousands of lifetimes achieving this goal.

During these many thousands of lifetimes, he studied all of the pure lands. When his time came and he was granted a pure land, it would be called Sukhavati. Sukhavati has become the most sought after of all the pure lands and it is a land of visual and sonorous bliss. By studying our Masterpiece Amitabha Thangka devotees can begin to visualize the pure land of Sukhavati.

Amitabha Buddha sits in his pure land in full lotus pose on top of a single lotus pedestal. Additionally, he is depicting the Dhyana mudra and an alms bowl rests in the palm of his right hand. Below Amitabha are standing depictions of Tibetan Avalokiteshvara and Vajrasattva. On each side of Amitabha grow the verdant forests filled with flowers found in Sukhavati.

Custom Made Masterpiece Amitabha Buddha Thangka Painting

The painting was completed by our master artisan as a custom order, using a different thangka from our gallery as the original. The fine painting portrays Amitabha Buddha in vibrant colors sitting in his Pure Land of Sukhavati. The details are in completed in 24k gold. Special modifications are available upon request. Note that in this painting, Vajrapani replaced Vajrasattva in the bottom right hand corner. The artist is open to your feedback if you wish to insert a different dirty or other adjustments. Click here to learn more about Amitabha Buddha.

masterpiece Amitabha thangka painting

1 review for Masterpiece Amitabha Thangka Painting, 24k Gold Detail, 34.25″ x 25″ (Custom Order)

  1. yenfuu

    Very pleased with the painting! It is worth the wait for a custom order by a master artisan, and Edwin keeps me updated on the progress regularly! Thanks!

  2. Edwin

    Hi Yen Fuu Law, thank you again for your custom thangka order. Your support is greatly appreciated in Nepal. I will send your compliments to the master artisan who did the thangka painting for you. We hope to see you again soon. -Edwin

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