Long Life Deities for Longevity Practice

The human realm is the most beneficial of the six realms of existence. Therefore, Buddhists who live the longest have the opportunity to acquire the most merit which can propel them into the higher realms. To induce long life, Tibetan Buddhists invoke the long life deities during longevity rituals. As a result, they live as long as possible to take advantage of an auspicious rebirth.

Furthermore, a long virtuous human life will help to avoid rebirth into the lower realms of existence which are full of obstacles. Indeed, even the heavenly realms have many diversions. The pursuit of pleasure by the gods often results in falling back into the lower realms of existence. Therefore, the human realm is the most auspicious to gain merit and good karma.

Longevity Practice with Long Life Deities

Long life rituals are centered around statues or thangka paintings of the three long life deities. Additionally, the ceremony is overseen by a guru who uses a combination of common and supreme methods during the ritual. As a result, practitioners will partake of long-life pills and special wine. These items are consecrated before they are consumed, then used in combination with mantra recitation and also deity visualization.

Participation in long life rituals helps devotes avoid the three causes of death. Buddhists believe that the three causes of death are the exhaustion of merit, exhaustion of karma and exhaustion of life force. Depletion of any single one of these elements can result in the premature death of a person.

However, life can be extended by the accumulation of merit through performance of the rituals. Additionally, performance of long life rituals will make the practitioner feel spiritually and psychologically whole which repels illness and results in good health.

The three long life deities are Amitayus, White Tara and Namgyalma. Each deity has special powers devotees seek to benefit from.

White Tara Long Life Practice

Fully Gold Gilded 9 inch White Tara Statue, Fire Gilded 24K Gold Finish, Handmade in Nepal
Fully Gold Gilded 9 inch White Tara Statue, Fire Gilded 24K Gold Finish, Handmade in Nepal

White Tara Long Life Mantra:

“Om Tare Tuttare Ture Mama Ayuh Punya Jñana Pustim Kuru Svaha”

White Tara is one of the 21 embodiments of the Tara Bodhisattva. As a result, she is empowered with Tara’s attribute of compassion for all sentient life. White Tara’s compassion for her devotees is comparable to a mother’s love for her child. Her seven eyes enable to watch over sentient life and all of her thoughts and actions are imbued with wisdom and compassion.

White Tara is the “wish fulfilling wheel” – “Cintachakra”. Her right hand displays the Varada “boon granting” mudra to shower devotees with her infinite compassion. Additionally, her raised left hand displays the Abhaya “protection” mudra. Devotees who faithfully perform the White Tara Long Life Puja are granted protection from contagious diseases, fire and other disasters.

Amitayus Long Life Practice

10" Long Life Deity Statue - Aparmita, Amitayus
10″ Long Life Deity Statue – Aparmita, Amitayus

Amitayus Long Life Mantra:

“Om A Ma Ra Ni Dzi Wan Ti Ye Soha”

Amitayus is the sambhogakaya embodiment of Amitabha Buddha. Therefore, Amitayus is an embodiment that Amitabha will take in order to assist sentient life. Amitabha Buddha is the Buddha of infinite life and light. Also known as Amitayus – “Infinite Life”.

Amitayus statues display the Dhyana “meditation” mudra with both hands flat in the lap, palms facing up. Indeed, meditation is the most expedient method to accumulate merit. Additionally, the “vessel of immortality” sits on top of the right palm in his lap. Inside the immortality vessel is – “amrita” – the nectar of long life.

As part of Amitayus long life practice, the immortality vessel is filled with consecrated wine which devotees partake of during the ritual. Additionally, devotees will consume sacred long life pills and complete mantra recitations per the instructions of the guru.

Namgyalma Long Life Practice

13.5" Long Life Deity Statue - Namgyalma, Usnisavijaya
13.5″ Long Life Deity Statue – Namgyalma, Usnisavijaya

Namgyalma Long Life Mantra:

Om Bhrum Soha Om Amrita Ayur Da Dai Soha

Namgyalma is also one of the 21 embodiments of the Tara Bodhisattva. Namgyalma statues depict her with 8 arms and three faces. Additionally, her eight arms hold many symbols which enhance long life practice rituals. In front of her chest she holds the double dorje – the basis for the physical universe. This protective symbol dispels evil to enhance karma. Furthermore, she holds a statue of Amitabha Buddha in her upper right hand. Also, the immortality vessel rests in her lap.

Namgyalma long life practice includes the recitation of her powerful mantra which grants long life and also karma purification. Additionally, whispering her long life mantra into the ear of an animal can ensure rebirth into the higher realms. Also, Namgyalma long life practice will prevent humans and devas from rebirth into lower realms.

World Class Statues of Long Life Deities

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