Fully Gold Gilded 8.5″ Nepali Green Tara Statue, Fire Gilded in 24K Gold, Handmade Original


Statue Identity: Green Tara, Jetsun Dolma, Khandiravani
Product Dimensions: Height: 8.5″, Width: 6.75″, Depth: 4.25″

Production Method: Lost Wax Method, Fire Gilded
Production Materials: Copper Alloy, 24k Gold
Shipping Weight: 2500 grams

Our artisan created this Nepali Green Tara statue with the jewelry and crown of a bodhisattva. At the request of the buyer, we would be happy to adorn the crown and jewels on the statue with red and turquoise stones before shipping. The service is complimentary and it is done at no extra cost to the buyer.

These colors have special meaning in Tibetan Buddhism. The color turquoise is a special combination of blue and green. Indeed, blue signifies the purity of the Buddhas and green symbolizes Green Tara’s readiness to act. She will wear it well and inspire all those who lay their eyes on her statue.

Nepali Green Tara Statue Features:

This Nepali Green Tara statue is featured seated in the panhandle pose of royal ease (Lalitasana) on a double lotus pedestal. The statue’s details are flawlessly hand carved using the traditional lost wax method. Furthermore, the artisan applied a traditional fire gilded finish giving the statue a deep golden luster in pure 24K gold. Her facial features are purely natural reflecting her innate desire to ease the suffering of all sentient beings.

Green Tara sits in an open pose which is unique to her. This is because she is dedicated to relieving sentient life of their suffering. She is ready to spring into action at any time. As a result, the right leg is partly extended and the left leg is drawn in to portray meditative contemplation.

Traditional features of the statue include the 3 neck lines, third eye of wisdom and single lotus pedestal. Additionally, she is portraying the Varada (gift giving) mudra and also the Abhaya (fearlessness) mudra. Both of these mudras are used by high level bodhisattvas and also Buddhas.

This Nepali Green Tara statue is depicted with intricately carved lotus blossoms, one growing over each shoulder. Additionally, she holds the lifelike lotus stems between her thumbs and fingers as it curls around her thumb and into the palm of her hand, bringing life to the sculpture. Indeed, the lotus is a special symbolic flower in Buddhism because it represents rising above the sea of suffering and blossoming in the clean air and sunshine of supreme enlightenment – Nirvana. Click here to learn the many virtues of the venerable Goddess Tara.

Nepali Green Tara Statue - your satisfaction guaranteed

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