Guru Rinpoche Thangka Painting, Custom Order 25" x 19"

Masterpiece Guru Rinpoche Thangka Painting, 25″ x 19″


Product Identity: Guru Rinpoche Tibetan Thangka Painting
Special Features: Hand Painted, 24k Gold Detailing, Framed in Silk Brocade
Product Dimensions: Height: 25″ Width: 19″
Production Material: Cotton Canvas, Paint, 24k Gold Detail

Shipping Weight: 2000 grams

Our masterpiece Guru Rinpoche Thangka painting represents the founder of Tibetan Buddhism. Guru Rinpoche is highly venerated in Tibet since his arrival there in the 8th century. His birthplace is in Oddiyana which is a mythical place in modern day Pakistan. He is believed to be of divine origin. Indeed, he is also known as Padmasambhava which is Sanskrit for “lotus born”. Additionally, he is known as the “Precious Master” which is the meaning of Guru Rinpoche.

The Guru worked in collaboration with Santaraksita and the Tibetan king to establish Buddhism in Tibet. His assistance was originally requested to subdue the demons that were impeding the construction of Tibet’s first monastery at Samye. After his arrival he was able to subdue the demonic forces and the monastery was completed.

Afterwards he used his metaphysical powers to provide protection and assistance to the King. This included foreseeing that Buddhism would be threatened in the future by another monarch that was averse to Buddhism. As a result, Guru Rinpoche hid tantric manuscripts known as termas at secret locations throughout the country. The termas preserved Tibetan Buddhism for future generations.

Our Guru Rinpoche Tibetan thangka painting depicts him with the khatvanga leaning against his left shoulder. His khatvanga represents his consort Mandarava, but it also represents his dominance over the three kayas (bodies) of desire, form and formlessness. Additionally, in his left hand he holds the kapala skull cup with the vessel of immortality sitting inside. Also known as a vase, the vessel of immortality is a symbol representing his close affiliation with Amitayus. Amitayus is also known as Aparmita and he represents the longevity attribute of Amitabha Buddha.

The Nepali thangka painters are trained in the prestigious thangka painting schools of Kathmandu. Therefore, when you purchase our Guru Rinpoche Tibetan thangka painting, rest assured that it is authentic traditional Tibetan art.

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