Fully Gold Gilded 12" White Tara Statue (Antique Finish) - Front
Fully Gold Gilded 12" White Tara Statue (Antique Finish) - Front Fully Gold Gilded 12" White Tara Statue (Antique Finish) - Face Fully Gold Gilded 12" White Tara Statue (Antique Finish) - Pedestal Base

Seven Eyed Tara, 12″ Beautiful Cintachakra Statue, Fire Gilded 24K Gold, Hand Face Painted

Original price was: $1,299.00.Current price is: $999.00.

Statue Identity: White Tara, Cintachakra
Product Dimensions: Height: 12″, Width: 8″

Production Method: Lost Wax Method, Fully Gilded, Hand Face Painted
Production Materials: Copper Alloy, 24k Gold
Shipping Weight: 6000 grams

One of the most unique features of bodhisattva statues is the 7 eyes of Cintachakra. Each eye of our beautiful Cintachakra statue is hand painted by our skilled master artisan in Nepal. As a result, you can observe a third eye between the brows and an eye on each palm and soles of her feet. The reason she has seven eyes is so each action and thought that arises will be imbued with insight and wisdom.

This beautiful Cintachakra statue also has two lotus flowers growing over each shoulder. The lotus flower is very significant in Buddhism because it symbolizes enlightenment. Indeed, the lotus flower grows from the bottom of a muddy pond to rise through murky water and blossom in the clean air and sunshine above the surface. The murky pond is a metaphor for the sea of suffering (samsara) and devotees can obtain inspiration from the statue.

Beautiful Cintachakra Statue Additional Features

Our Cintachakra statue sits in full lotus pose on a single lotus pedestal. Additionally, she is adorned with the crown and jewels of the bodhisattva. Cintachakra is expressing the gift giving (Varada) mudra with her right hand that is draped over her right knee. Her left hand is portraying the Abhaya “protection” mudra. As a result, devotees are encouraged to be fearless in their pursuit of virtue. She is also known as “Sita Tara” which is associated with compassion, long life and healing. Click here to learn more about the Tara bodhisattva.

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