Problems with Checkout?

Are you having issues completing your purchase? First of all, let me apologize for any inconvenience caused. However, I can assure you there is most likely a very simple fix. This is because 99% of checkout issues are related to the fact that your purchase is international (Unless you are in Singapore).

The issue is not of technical origin, it is a human error. The cause is that your bank is blocking the charge. The simple solution is to contact the customer service department and advise them you are making an overseas purchase based in Singapore. This should solve the problem and the order will be accepted the next time you put it through. Hopefully, you had set up an account and will not need to reenter your information.

If the problem persists, then this is likely a issue with 3DS. In Asia, 3DS credit card registration is the norm so it does not create problems when the order comes from this geographical area. For those of you unfamiliar with 3DS, let me quickly explain how it works.

Simply put, when 3DS is activated, you will be prompted to enter a password as the last step of the checkout process. As such, usually your issuing bank will send a SMS message which contains a “one time password” to your mobile phone. Or some US banks do not send an SMS, instead it is a password that you have already set up for online transactions. Either way, when prompted you simply enter the correct password into the webpage and complete the purchase. If you have this security feature enabled then you should have no further issues with checkout. 

If you do not have 3DS, sometimes the payment gateway will accept the payment and sometimes it will not. However, if it is rejected the first time try again and sometimes it will go through. If not, please contact your bank to request 3DS activation. It will be the best security enhancement you ever implemented and it will keep all of your transactions safe and secure. However, if you still have issues please contact me and I will do everything possible to complete the order.